Jeanne Sophie Redmond: Prominent Surinamese Doctor, Politician, Playwright and Actress

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Jeanne Sophie Everdine Redmond was a Surinamese doctor, politician, playwright and actress.

Redmond was born in Paramaribo and was the daughter of teacher Philippus Josef Redmond and Adolfina Herkul. After completing her secondary education, she enrolled in medical school in 1925. Although the director of the school refused to register her, Redmond refused to give up. She graduated in 1935, as the first Creole woman to do so from the school.

Redmond set up practice in Paramaribo. She knew that many of her patients could not afford to pay for her services, she offered free health care.
After the Second World War , Redmond also became politically active. In 1948 she played a role in the folk drama Misi Jana e go after the ballot box (Miss Jana goes to the ballot box). Whether or not she co-wrote this play, which in the Sranantongo provided information about the general elections of 1948, is not certain.

She got involved in the politics and in 1950 she participated in the elections as an independent candidate, but she did not have a seat. Sophie Redmond died at the age of 48 in Land’s hospital in Paramaribo, after she suddenly became unwell earlier that day during a meeting.



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