Jesse Williams Uses Comic To Brilliantly Respond to #AllLivesMatter

1 Posted by - September 3, 2015 - Black Lives Matter, BLACK MEN, BLACK POWER, CELEBRITIES, IN THE NEWS

There has been so much debate over the racial injustices that has been going on since the shooting of in Ferguson, Missouri. It seems everyone has something to say about what is going on, and for good reason. The war now is well if , why wouldn’t ? For people who have been speaking out for BlackLivesMatter, no one wants to feel as if they should have to speak out for AllLivesMatter, because the latter should be the given. AllLivesMatter, should not have anything to do with the color of your skin, but more based upon the content of All people’s character and behavior.

Why has it taken so long for people to realize that AllLivesMatter, which would and should also include  lives? However, as soon as the Black community speak out for their lives and the lives of their children, there is a problem. If the Black community does not speak out for themselves, who will?  Black supporters are not for tearing any other ethnic group down, or denying that AllLivesMatter. Black supporters just want people to know that Black people have been mistreated, overlooked and just treated any way for too long. The mistreatment of Black people didn’t just start in this century but it started centuries ago, and Black people have taken the abuse and been oppressed far too long.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is necessary to demonstrate that Black people are standing behind their own, and against police brutality. During the enslavement of African-American people BlackLivesMattered then, but the Blacks didn’t have a voice. However, decades later and a new century Black people have a voice. Why didn’t AllLivesMatter then, there was no controversy when the Blacks were being beat and told what to do, but now since another ethnic group feel as if they have no control or power  over Black Americans—AllLivesMatter!All houses matter

Kris Straub has created a wonderful that demonstrates a point, about the debate over BlackLivesMatter and AllLivesMatter. The three-panel comic is getting a lot of exposure across the internet. , actor and activist first shared this comic on Instagram. The cartoon shows two houses, the one of the right is the house of a Black family, and the one of the left is a White family.  However, the man with the hose only chooses to hose down the house of the White family. However, he had the means to extinguish both. So, how can AllLivesMatter if you still choosing one over the other? The same rules should apply to Black lives as it does to other lives. If you save one house and have the means to put out the fire on both, why not do it? Or, just let them both burn down. Why is one more important than the other? Should one be more important than the other? BlackLivesMatter thinks— NOT!


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