July 29, 1909, Happy Birthday to Legendary David “Junior” Kimbrough

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David “Junior” Kimbrough was an American blues musician. He was born on July 28, 1930, in Hudsonville, Mississippi. His father was a barber who used to play guitar. Kimbrough picked his guitar as a child.  Growing up he learned how to play guitar by listening to records by Delta bluesman.

When Junior was too small to help his father, his elder sister used to stay with him. She was watching him the day he took his father’s guitar off the “high shelf.” Junior’s dad put everything on this shelf that he did not want his children messing with. From that day on, it became a routine when his father left for work he carefully took down the guitar and played it. He learned fast, and he also taught a white boy, Charlie Feathers, how to play guitar.

Kimbrough doesn’t remember the exact date when he started creating music. Junior had many reasons. He was still young; and knew that if he wants to make his mark in the world, he had to do it with a guitar. At first, he started playing the same country blues standards, and contemporary hits of Little Milton and Albert King. But then he stopped playing covers, and he had realized the fact that he is not just an “entertainer” or “performer.” From that point on he only played Junior not covers.

Junior never gave up on his rural habits such as throwing parties every Sunday night. He used to drag the furniture out in his yard so that more people could fit in. Due to partying a lot he had to rent a one-bedroom to get a break from the chaos had created at his house. Junior’s old house was not just a home now it was more than a club. Locals use to gather there on Sunday nights to have fun. He understood music, he was gifted for songwriting and began developing the music that was first recorded in the mid-’80s for a Memphis State single.

Junior was over sixty years of age when he made an impact with his album “All Night Long” in 1992, his other notable work is “Keep Your Hands off Her.” His sons Kinney and David Malone Kimbrough, who are both musicians, kept his place. The place continued to attract people until it was burned to the ground in 2000. Kimbrough had fathered 36 children from different relationships. He did at the age of 67 on January 17, 1998.

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