Kemetic Kings: 2021 Tour & Pilgrimage Uncovers the Cradle of World Civilization (Day 2)

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By Bashir Muhammad Akiyele

Editor: Victor Trammell

Photo credits: ASCAC

Hotep (Medu Neter for Peace)

Ankh, Udja, Seneb (Medu Neter for Life, Prosperity, Heath).

Dear Black American family of the liberation,

At this glorious moment, I am experiencing the second day of the 2021 Kemet Nu Educational Tour sponsored by professors Ashra and Merira Kwesi -the legendary teachers of Egyptology (the scientific study on Egyptian history, culture, and spirituality) and history.

Today, our field studies and lectures were centered on the Mur Khuti (Afrikan Medu Neter for the name for the Great Pyramids of Giza) and the Heru Em Akhet (Afrikan Medu Neter for the Sphinx).

Being able to marvel at historically-backed greatness here at the cradle of world civilization has been absolutely breathtaking! My wife and I wept today. We now realize how deeply white supremacy and systematic racism have gone over thousands of years. We now see what great lengths the robbers of Kemet have undertaken in their attempts to remove black people from Afrikan history, culture, and spirituality.

Just take a closer look at the Heru em Akhet (the Sphinx). You can see for yourself that this monument looks like an Afrikan from around the way! Also, just to be clear, the Sphinx pictures below are not photo-shopped. All of the pictures I have taken and intend to take in the coming days will come from my iPhone camera.

View photos below:

photo by Bashir Muhammad Akinyele

More photos of the Giza Pyramids are below:

photos by Bashir Muhammad Akinyele

The major religious myths (such as the ones started by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) about slaves building the pyramids are not supported by facts.

The coffins of the builders of the Mur Khuti are right next to Mur Khuti. There is evidence of a huge gravesite for the builders of the Mur Khuti. There is also evidence of the quarry for the stones used by the builders of the Mur Khuti. It is also right next to the Mur Khuti. The builders of the Mur Khuti were free blacks who were paid for their labor!

All of Kwesi’s Arab professors/guides bore witness on day one that Kemet is the root of the world’s civilizations and religions (Judaism, Christianity, and al-Islam)!

Once again, more information on Ashra Kwesi’s annual trip to Kemet can be found on his website at this link: https://www.Kemetnu.Com/egypt_tour.Htm

In Ma’at,

Shem Hotep! (Medu Neter for “I go in peace”)

Bashir Muhammad Akinyele
History and Africana Studies teacher in Newark, NJ
Study Group Coordinator for Newark Chapter of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC) and New Jersey’s State Representative for ASCAC

Editorial Note: Medu Neter was the original Afrikan language for Kemetic people (Egyptian people). After Europeans and Arabs invaded Kemet (Egypt), they began changing the language’s name of Medu Neter to hieroglyphics.

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