Looking Black On Today In 1834, Henry Blair Received A Patent For His Corn Planting Machine

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This date in 1834 marks one of the first patents filed by a person in America.

Henry Blair of Montgomery County, MD, received his first patent on October 14, 1834, for his invention of the corn seed planter, which allowed farmers to plant their corn much faster and with much less labor. The machine also helped with weed control. He later received another patent in 1836 for the invention of the cotton planter. The cotton planter was very similar to the seed planter in the way that it was put together.henry blair 1

Blair was not an educated man; he could not read or write. At the time that he filed his patent applications he had to sign them with an “x” because he was unable to write his name. Blair is the only person in the United States Patent Office records to be identified as a “colored man.” No other inventor is identified by his or her race. Henry Blair died in 1860.

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