Luther Jacob Goodall: Once Billed as the U.S. Colored (or Negro) Heavyweight Champion ( 1950-1960s)

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Luther Jacob Goodall was a professional football player and wrestler who was known by his ringname Luther Lindsay or Lindsey. Goodall became one of the first black wrestlers to become a major star, he was popular in the Pacific Northwest and Mid Atlantic territory.

Goodall was born on a farm outside Norfolk, Virginia on December 30, 1924. He moved to Sedalia but later resided in Gibsonville, North Carolina and later played college football for Norfolk State and nearby Hampton Institute where he was also a CIAA wrestling champion.

Lindsey began wrestling professionally making his debut in 1950 or 1951. Taking the surname of his wife, Gertrude Lindsey,
his earliest recorded match was against Al Tucker in Chicago, Illinois for promoter Leonard Schwartz on November 21, 1951.

For much of the early 1950s and ’60s, Lindsay was billed as the U.S. Colored (or Negro) Heavyweight Champion and took part in the first interracial professional wrestling matches held in the United States.

During the late 1950s, he became the first African-American south of Washington, D.C. to compete in a wrestling event when he faced Ron Wright in Kingsport, Tennessee. Although the National Guard was brought in amid fears of rioting, the crowd unexpectedly favored Lindsay against Wright. Luther Jacob Goodall was considered one of the best wrestlers of his time.




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