Ralph & June Campbell: Prominent Leaders During the Civil Rights Movement in Raleigh, NC

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Ralph and June Campbell were prominent leaders in Raleigh, NC. The couple were highly-regarded and became known as the parents of the civil rights movement in the city.

Ralph Campbell was a high-profile organizer and community leader. He served as president of the Wake County Chapter of the NAACP and the Raleigh Wake Citizens Association during the 1960s.

June Campbell was lovingly known as “Miz June,” she often provided support and advice to the Oval Table Gang,” a group of prominent leaders who met nightly at the family home and sat at their oval table. The group would strategize and figure out ways to support black candidates for elected office. They were able to plan peaceful protests and help bring big-name activists including Dr. King to the area.

Ralph Campbell died in 1983 and June passed away in 2004 on her 79th birthday. The Campbell’s had four children who they hoped would someday make a difference. Their son, Bill Campbell, integrated Raleigh public schools in 1960 and later became mayor of Atlanta, and Ralph Campbell Jr. was elected North Carolina state auditor in 1992. Ralph Campbell passed away in 2011 from lung cancer.




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