Robert F. Williams: Considered by Many to be the Greatest Leader of the Civil Rights Movement

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On Past African American History (Not In the Books), we discovered fascinating post by Jackie Cooper about Robert F. Williams.

‘I advocated violent self-defense because I don’t really think you can have a defense against violent racists and against terrorists unless you are prepared to meet violence with violence…’ Robert Williams, NAACP…


Here’s a little, but there’s a lot to be known. Research it and show us what you’ve found and validated. Know it and Show it.

Robert F Williams is considered by many to be the greatest leader of the Civil Rights Movement, even greater than Martin Luther King.

This is because he met the violence of the white supremacist terrorist with heavily armed Black Self Defense. Because of his legacy of teaching black families how to defend themselves from racists, he has largely been eliminated from American history textbooks.



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