10 Reasons Africa Didn’t Need Colonization to Prosper

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BY: Kathrina Jane Tiangco

The aftermath of Western Colonialism is still evident in today’s African society. Over the centuries, European countries have extended their influence over their former colonies including those in Africa. Western religion, culture, languages, and other practices have become a part of the African way of life. However, people should be reminded of the cruelty and various human rights violations which the Africans had to suffer under the European regime.

We’ve identified 10 significant reasons and proof why Africa can prosper on its own.

  1. The people of Africa can be unified without the strains of racial discrimination.


  1. The African National Congress was able to successfully put an end to the Apartheid movement. The Apartheid’s policy was developed to segregate the races of the South African people and build a symbolic wall between them.


  1. Africa’s natural resources are abundant. In Zimbabwe, the people can generate a lot of jobs from the copper mining industry to create more revenue for the country.


  1. Even the poorest states of Africa have a lot to offer to its citizens. They can to explore and discover their own resources and generate livelihoods from it.


  1. Africa is rich in history and culture. Before the Europeans settled in Africa, civilization was already in flourishing.


  1. Africa is one of the most significant places in religious history. The first and original African indigenous state was known as the Kingdom of Sheba. According to history, it was referred to as the location of the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant is Biblically known as a gold wooden chest that contains the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. It is also believed that it houses Aaron’s rod as well as a jar of manna.


  1. Many African countries are thriving on their own. The country of Mali is considered as one of the richest African kingdoms and has prospered for more than 800 years.


  1. Africans were already actively participating in the trade and business before Colonization. African people were able to trade valuable items such as salt and gold with dealers from other countries, including, China and India before the Europeans arrived.


  1. African nations are socioeconomically capable. However, instead of allowing the country to progress independently, the Europeans have exploited the natural resources, as well as the cultures and peoples of Africa.


  1. Various African countries have established specialized healthcare organizations for their people, fair and just judicial systems, and have created a modern infrastructure.

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  • LaCresha Lawson May 2, 2017 - 2:59 pm

    Thank you for this article. The Europeans, others needed to enslave Africa. We all know how precious this land is, but, they won’t treat the original people the same way. As a precious, strong, capable, wonderful people. Now, it’s all hail whitey, Jew, Arab, etc…