Black to the Future: HBCU Alumni Unite to Build Black Female Business Leadership

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By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: LIFE Magazine

A coalition of graduates from America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) is mobilizing to unify a national business leadership network consistent of Black women.

As per the exclusive statement I obtained Thursday (September 8) from Michelle Mitchell, a Public Relations Representative for the BrownSkinBrunchin social justice network, The Hundred Seven HBCU alumni organization is on pace to successfully achieve its goal. The tangibles and intangibles are in place for obtainable campaign results.

“Historically Black colleges and universities have consistently produced exceptional Black leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals in every field. Black women who attend HBCUs enjoy a variety of benefits and advantages that those attending predominantly white institutions may not be afforded,” Mitchell explained in her statement.

“And no one is a better testament to this fact than the graduates themselves,” she continued.

In her statement, Mitchell identifies North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University alumna Kassinda White, Johnson C. Smith University alumna Yolina Owens, and North Carolina A&T alumna, Johnyelle Lee as ambassadors of the 70-chapter nationwide BrownSkinBrunchin network, which was founded in 2018.

“There are certain experiences that you can only get at an HBCU. They incorporate Black excellence in the college experience. Opportunities for internships and jobs are presented and highly encouraged at HBCUs because at times we are left out of conversations in other educational settings,” White is quoted in the statement as saying.

In her own commentary, Owens described the motivating factors, which geared her toward pursuing a education at an HBCU.

“[The atmosphere]  afforded me numerous opportunities to meet and connect with new people, share business ideas and life goals, and offer safe spaces for thoughtful and sensitive discussions about life,” Owns stated.

Representatives of BrownSkinBrunchin’, especially those hailing from HBCUs, have surrounded themselves with their own people. These young women can relate to the challenges they face together in today’s society. Having teachers and students that believe in them and promote their success creates a life force of positive energy, which fuels their movement and thus, creates action. However, exercising the follow-up to networking is key.

“Networking will grant exclusive opportunities that may not be available to others. Don’t be afraid to communicate. Don’t lose yourself in social media. Nothing replaces face-to-face conversations and interactions,” Lee is quoted as saying.

Find out more detailed information about this nationally-concerted effort by visiting here.

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