Europe’s “Black Nightingale”, Arabella Fields

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Arabella Fields was known throughout Europe as “The Black Nightingale.” Her name was just as big as Josephine Baker’s in the United States.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1879, Fields arrived in Europe in the late 1890s. During this time, she toured as a single act and became one of the most prolific entertainers of the time.

While performing in Germany, Fields changed her dress attire to German style to attract German audiences, and performed as the South American Caruso. Her performances would include singing and in some yodeling. During the 1900s, Fields was one of the few women who was allowed to record her music. Her first recording was in 1907 for the Anker label in Berlin.

In 1907, she appeared in two European films. In the first two decades of the 20th century, she toured widely. She later appeared in a few silent movies and one sound film.



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