Maggie L. Walker: The First Black Woman to Start a Bank-Finally Gets Her Honor Due in the Capital of Confederacy

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Maggie L. Walker was the first African-American woman to start a bank. She was also an owner of a daily newspaper, a teacher, a humanitarian and an iconic personality of her community. It was during the 1920s when she did all her professional activities in Richmond. Walker was a daughter of a former slave and had a rather tough childhood. But her strong-will and love for better education simply made her one of the best person residing in America. Walker’s various accomplishments in the time of racial segregation and oppression have never been appreciated even in her hometown. But after 153 years of her birth, her very own monument, a statue has been placed in the formal capital of Confederacy, celebrating her hard work and dedication.

Antonio Toby Mendez sculpted the statue of Walker, who is a famous Maryland sculptor. Mendez brought back Walker to life with his amazing sculpting techniques. It is a 10 feet long, towering statue, all made in bronze. Mendez said that she was not only helping her community but was working hard to raise opportunities.

Maggie L. Walker’s community was eagerly waiting for decades to honor her with something special, as she was the first woman from her community to start a bank in the country. It was St. Luke’s Penny Savings that helped Black business owners with loans and housing projects with fair rates. The interest earned was then recycled for the betterment of the community. She always wanted her community to assemble the money to benefit the community.

Walker was not only a banker but also started an emporium for African-Americans to purchase and sell their goods without the fear of using the side door. She was a woman who refused any intolerance and oppression of her people.  Walker’s admirers have overjoyed with the fact that she has been put to life once again with her beautiful statue in her hometown.

Like many other cities and New Orleans who have removed the monuments of Confederate, Mayor of Richmond, Levar Stoney, who belongs to the Black community, is more enthusiastic to move forward with the plan to place the monument of Gen. Robert E. Lee. Stoney is all set to honor his people who devoted their lives to the advancement of their community and so he beautiful honored the lady who once did something extraordinary for them.

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