October 16, 1859: John Brown’s Raid Against Virginia’s Slaveholders

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John Brown was a famous abolitionist who had a firm belief in overthrowing the terrible Institute of slavery in the United States. During the Bleeding Kansas crisis in the year 1856, Brown came to limelight when he freely led different groups of volunteers to work against slavery. He was extremely dissatisfied with the pacifism of the abolitionist movement and also convinced his volunteers to concentrate on powerful actions. Brown also commanded different forces at the Battle of Osawatomie and Battle of Black Jack. He and his supporters were also responsible for murdering pro-slavery supporters in the great Pottawatomie massacre.

Brown was a native of Connecticut who struggled hard throughout his life to support his family. He moved from one state to another restlessly throughout his life looking for comfort and better living, and this struggle made him a fanatical opponent of the Black slavery.

It was 1850 when Brown showed his assistance in the undergoing Railroad out of Missouri. He also engaged himself in the intense struggle between anti and pro-slavery forces in the city of Kansas, but he was more focused to strike the cause most extremely. On the silent night of October 16, 1856, he took a small group of around 50 men and made a raid on the blind federal arsenal at the Harper Ferry in Virginia. The aim behind this vital raid was giving enough ammunition to carry a large operation against the slaveholders of Virginia. The team for the raid included many Blacks who held and captured the arsenal until the state and federal governments sent some troops to overpower the situation.

On December 2, 1859, John Brown was hanged till death and his trial immersed the whole nation. The voice of Brown became an expression against the injustice that happened for slavery, and he became a martyr and sacrificed his life for the cause of abolitionism.  It was the huge courage of Brown that convinced thousands of Northerners against slavery. It was his violent voice that made the slave owners think that abolitionism can go to any length to destroy the peculiar institution. It was the immense hard work of John Brown that made the whole nation to realize the value of Black people in the country, just because they were Black and from Africa, it doesn’t mean they are slaves.


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  • linda tart July 28, 2019 - 9:54 pm

    Why do you refer to John Brown as, fanatical? Are you following the belief, of many whites during that era? Malcolm X, referred to John Brown on a few occasions, as a true freedom fighter. Let’s not follow the sick beliefs of those that are WELL KNOWN, for oppressing others.

  • #PsychVic July 31, 2019 - 6:06 am

    This great history BUT he single handedly didnt change minds of those who ALREADY knew blks were treated less than bc of skin color. He shouted truth but only few even to date accept truth! Treating ANY human beneath u is WRONG UNETHICAL and pisk poor morally whether it’s skin tone, intelligence, or looks. I agree w the above commenter use better words to describe these past heros inorder to preserve his or her purposes in fighting for wat should have NEVER been!