Remembering The Forgotten: Mme. Abomah, 7’6″ Well-Traveled “African Giantess”

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In 1865, Ella Williams from Laurence County, South Carolina was born. Barely missing by a few months, she was born a free woman. She would grow, and grow, and then grow some more until she would be known as the world’s tallest woman “African Giantess”.  She preferred often to go by her stage name Mme. Abomah. It is believed that her height actually reached 6’10” to 6’11”, although at some point people thought her height might have reach a mind blowing  7’6” tall. She traveled the world to countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Australia and many more places.

abomah (28)

Circus managers and other show men wanted Mme. Abomah to sign a contract with them. However, for a while she was satisfied working as a nanny and cook for a prominent family. It was Manager F.C Bostock who got her to sign for her first tour. Because racism was not as profound as it was in the United States her manager felt it would be best for Abomah to tour in foreign lands. She left for New York and was soon sent to England by Bostock to perform in theaters there, she remained there until 1897. She came back to Columbia only to return to England and South America to stay for a total of 15 years. Abomah returned to the US and worked for Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey and at Coney Island.  Her career continued into the 1920’s, and then she disappeared from history records.  There were fictional and factual tales combined about Abomah to make her life history more interesting to the people.



African Giantess

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