The 60th Anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat and the beginning of The Montgomery Bus Boycott

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by Michael Imhotep,

Today marks the 60th Anniversary of an event that many people cite as the beginning of the modern day Civil Rights Movement.  It occurred on Dec. 1st, 1955 when a seamstress and Secretary for the NAACP, from the Montgomery Fair department named Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus to a White man.  These were the rules of Segregation in the South.  Segregation was an oppressive, dehumanizing system that existed in Southern States.  They were commonly called Jim Crow laws and we can see them being implemented after the Plessy vs. Ferguson case of 1896.

Rosa Parks boarded the Cleveland Ave. bus #2857 after finishing a shift as a seamstress.  As the bus filled up, Parks and other African American passengers were asked to give up their seats once the “Whites Only” section filled up.   Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat.  She was arrested and fined $14.  This was the 2nd encounter Rosa Parks had with the White male bus driver named James Blake.   Mr. Blake had kicked Rosa Parks off of a bus many years prior to this day.

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