Schooled By YouTube: Why We Celebrate Black History Month [VIDEO]

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“Please tell me WHY we are celebrating Black History Month?!”

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  • Cal October 11, 2016 - 5:35 pm

    I think that the intent of the original question was to ask, “why do we celebrate black history month exclusively?” By that I mean, why is black history the only miseducation that we, as a nation, are encouraged to overcome.
    I’m not black but I frequent this website because I am a great advocate for the truth. I’m half Native American and half Irish. Both groups have had their history swept under the English rug. Half of my heritage was the victim of the greatest genocide in word history and the other half was taken as slaves of Americans at a rate comparable to that of Africans. You won’t find any of this in mainstream history. I have a heritage that is only allowed on tiny pieces of land that the US has granted back from the entire nation that it stole, and a heritage that had an even worse fate: it was stripped of all identity. It had it’s sense of self removed and got shoved into the giant, faceless mass known simply as white. It would be kind of like being told that being black is not your own race, culture, heritage or people. That you have to accept that you are just part of the monochromic mass called America.
    I want to make perfectly clear that I am not against black history month. I am solidly behind anything that clears up the lies that the “educational system” is teaching as truth. I guess maybe I’m just a little jealous. I’m jealous because I know that “Native American history month” will just never have any backing. And any attempt at Irish history month will just be considered racist because it’ll just be misconstrued as white history month.

    • AGNES January 29, 2018 - 9:57 am

      Cal, speak truth.

      • menkari January 29, 2018 - 11:14 am

        This history of black people in America was mainly told and written about by their own people, their historians, their teachers of history. No other race in America had to endure 100 years of lynching, and before that, the raping of a whole continent, followed by 250 years of slavery–a slavery so inhumane that it resulted in a people having no knowledge of their real names, nor the names of their ancestors. Any comparison to the African Holocaust must be similar in all aspects. If not, then we are dealing with a “false comparison.” If you do not tell our own story about your history, who will? That is what all of the other races should do instead of trying to compare their experience to that of the African American. John Hope Franklin, one of our great historians, stated years ago that “we have no friends.”

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    • John February 28, 2018 - 5:48 pm

      Our black history month doesn’t seem to do any good educating anyone. Aside from the fact that black education has been taught to all American kids for many decades, the month doesn’t offer any new profound insights. It seems obvious to me that it is only good for firing up race tensions due to a particular race being glorified over all others. Of course other people are going to wonder why black Americans get to exclusively celebrate their black heritage for an entire month (and all other races should celebrate black people during that month). The month is racist in itself and complete nonsense. No one is arguing with the horrifying reality that black Americans endured hardships many generations ago. Most would argue that white Americans today get constant mainstream criticism just for being white.