The Pre-Colonial Story of Rwanda’s High Jump Sport

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Some individuals are unaware of the facts concerning outmoded African sports, which have major publicity, as well as respect prior to the entry of athletics. Sadly, most athletic sports were canceled and forgotten about.

Any of these games might rekindle fascination. But then again, they might have been part of the Olympics.

If someone mentions the high jump game in Africa, Kenya comes to mind. This is because of Kenya’s worldwide recognition when it comes to competitive athletes known all over the world. 

Similarly, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Eritrea are mentioned. Obviously, Rwanda didn’t appear in a listing of games. However, prior to the expansionist period, Rwandans dominated the high jump.

In his theory, ‘Gusimbuka Urukiramende,’ Emmanuel Bugingo wrote first; in which Professor Joskl quoted: “Sometime before the ascent of the transformations of the current game, Rwandans were regarded as remarkable high jumpers.”

Rwandan artists were among the best high jumpers during the era of King Musinga (1897-1931) and King Rudahigwa (1931-1959). The most famous jumpers noted were Ngoga, Gashimirang, Kanyemera, and Mwunvaneza.

The game was played by both youthful and grown-up individuals however the youngsters played it from the start. The tallest young men were tried to spring upwards in a line. Gateyihene turned into the most popular Rwandan in the high hopping game. Rwasamirera is one of the heroes of the game.

‘Gusimbuka Urukiramende’ is recognized by a midpoint plane between  a pair of up and down lineage. The variety of equipment used, as well as the locations where it occurred, distinguishes it from either high-jump game. Similarly, there were clearly unique brands of jumping. 

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