True First Americans: Califians (Khalifians) and the Poisonous Thanksgiving

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History about the first true Americans has been manipulated and influenced by Europeans for hundreds of year. Today, these lies in history continue to be told in History books across the country. Information about African history has always been limited or omitted to benefit Europeans. The truth is European people arrived to America, manipulated Africans and Native people; stole from them; used them as slaves; and killed them. history has always been told through the eyes and words of the Europeans. According to best-selling author James Loewen in his book “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” nothing but lies have been taught in school about the history and civilization of America. If it is not corrected now, generations to come will be subjected to the same lies and lack of knowledge about the country’s history. To believe that civilization began when Europeans arrived and brought it to America is absurd; it just didn’t happen that way.

In Robert Beverly’s ‘American Holocaust’ account it is certain civilization existed long before the arrival of the Europeans:

“Far and away the most beautiful city on earth. Five times the size of London or Rome. Great towers and buildings rising from the water. Sixty thousand gleaming houses, how spacious and well-built they were, of beautiful stone work and cedar wood and wood of other sweet scented trees. Her many streets and boulevards were so neat and well sweep despite the multitude of inhabitants, criss-cross with a complete network of channels like an enormous Venice, but also remarkable floating gardens that remind of nowhere else on earth.”

Europe was not an advanced country; the people were still living years behind other countries. Ancient America was highly advanced with highly civilized areas with gold, wealth and history that had already spanned out thousands of years. There were Africans who arrived in the United States of American thousands of years before , Columbus, and before Jesus Christ. These blacks and other local nations created and built a thriving home land in ancient America.

The first people were the descendants of West Africa. South America’s Olmecs, Asia, and the Pacific Islands which is how the  “mix-cultural” nation was created. These people are the ones that the Europeans called “Red Man.” The natives believed in one supreme God, life after death, and heaven on earth. They were ruled by the legendary Queen of California; Califia. However, the existence of these people have been wiped away. The California blacks are considered the oldest native nations in America.


California Blacks, Genocide & The Gold Rush

California Blacks and other groups of native people suffered tremendously from the Gold Rush. It is estimated that there were ten million and possibly more natives in the country before the white Europeans arrived. However, before it was all said and done Europeans had destroyed  over 200 native California communities and eliminated several thousands of native people.

The date of 1492 is the date that will forever be remembered in history. It marked the beginning of evil and genocides of indigenous Americans. These people were predominately people from Africa, Asia and some were mixed Europeans, but you most likely will not find that in history books. Later during the 1700s, the United States spent 80 percent of the country’s budget on attacking Indians and taking their land. Only 20 percent went to education and other country expenses. George Washington and other USA officials decided the best move for the country would be to wipe out the Native American population.


black africans

The Poisonous Thanksgiving

Again, Europeans did not bring civilization to America. One can hardly consider stealing, manipulating, and killing as being civilized. As European Americans continue to tell their story of how America came to be, we are reminded of the horrific genocides still alive and brewing today. If the native people were not already in the country, the first European settlers would likely have starved to death. The Europeans knew nothing about farming nor when they first arrived did they try to learn the skill. They spent most of their days digging in search for gold. Many of them begin to deal with mental illnesses, alcoholism, and many committed suicide.  There were other Europeans who became sick and died from inadequate care for themselves.

The native people helped the Europeans by teaching them their way. They taught them how to farm and live off the land. The first Thanksgiving spent by the Europeans in America would be a good one for them, because they had plenty to eat and finally knew how to survive. During Thanksgiving dinner with the native Chief and his people, the new colonists offered a toast to eternal friendship. After the toast, the chief, his family and hundreds of other natives dropped dead from being poison. That was the gratitude the Native people received for teaching the Europeans survival.



 Act for the Government and Protection of the Indians

During the 1850s, California passed the Act for the Government and Protection of the Indians. But, the act actually did nothing to help the Indians. In fact it just benefited the Europeans more, if an Indian person did not have a job, then the act allowed any white person to force the Indian without a job to work for them. Indians did not have any legal rights against white people; they could not testify against them, and they could be taken as slaves at any time. Most white settlers didn’t do things according to the law, they did what they wanted to do. They often punished Indians how they saw fit, especially the young children. White settlers made money off the labor work of Native women and children. Settlers often paid 50 to 60 dollars for a young woman to cook and wait on them, and 100 dollars for a young girl. The war on the Indians were waged until the Indian race was extinct. Militia were hired to hunt down and slaughter natives, if they were successful they would receive one million dollars revenue.

Towns began to offer cash to bounty hunters for every Indian scalp they obtained. The cash ranged from 5 dollars for every severed head in Shasta City in 1855, and for 25 cents for a scalp in Honey Lake. Women were tortured and forced to wear the severed head of their husband or son around their neck for months as a necklace. If a Native Indian committed a crime, the entire village was most likely to be punished. In some cases, the whole village would be destroyed. These policies ultimately destroyed over two hundred native California communities.

By 1870, the California census listed the population at 32,000, but the blacks and natives who escaped and joined with the Seminoles and other Native nations were not taken into account. The black () were not a part of Northern California’s eighteen tribe treaty negotiations of 1853, they continued to valiantly fight the oppressive invaders until the late 1890’s, and the gold rush signaled the beginning of the end for the lands first people.



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    Could you share your references, I would like to teach this.

  • Richard Camarillo May 5, 2016 - 9:08 pm Reply

    First of all the author of the book American Holocaust is David E. Standard and the quote u referenced is actually talking about the Mexica capital Tenochtitlan located in MesoAmerica (modern day Mexico city) that the White Spanish destroyed, secondly there were no Africans or African decent people in “America” before Columbus. They were brought when the Spanish arrived to fill the labor duties left by the natives who were wiped out by old world diseases. Some intermingled with natives ND created mixed between native and African. Alot of those pictures were showing are of Africans who joined native community s after escaping or whoever of mixed decent. The Olmec’s wernt black there are natives in “south America” ND some in “america” who were as dark as Africans but with no African blood in them. Now as for the blacks in California they were exiled there or ran away the b4 and after the civil war because it was considered a waist land cuz it was desert and because of all the Mexicans who were also sent there after Texas became independent from Mexico. So in conclusion there were no Africans in “America” before the pale face came niether were there any account of Africans being here by any native “American” or indigenous people of this continent b4 the pale face. Just because Africans were the first race ND had many great civilization in the old world doesn’t mean you can lay claim to our indigenous culture and our civilizations we had on this continent cuz that makes you no better then the pale face and there sencoreship of ur herritage, we deserve that much respect

    • hesaid January 23, 2017 - 6:37 pm Reply

      You know that ‘ What you talking bout Willis look’?
      Place it here.
      I find it amazing…no seriously, amusing that anyone could say that
      (‘I’m laughing now, not at you but with you) the Olmecs weren’t black. I imagine you’re referring to the phenotype.
      I appreciate your sense of humor at the cost of your own respect. It’s not dumb its more than that. You have a denial.
      It’s cute.

  • rashidah August 22, 2016 - 5:55 pm Reply

    Check out Ivan Van Sertima’s “They Came Before Columbus” as one definitive source of African arrival into the Americas.

    • TC June 7, 2017 - 8:28 am Reply

      I just read that book and it is amazing! Africans were here thousands of years before Columbus and they made an outstanding impact on the Native American’s culture. In fact they crossed marriages way before slavery began.

  • Daria Spenke August 30, 2016 - 3:30 am Reply

    thank you for sharing this important piece of american history. My family’s history is Mic Mac. There are masses who have never seen Jersey Dutch descendants and claim that I don’t “look” like the indians that they have seen on tv, in the movies or in history books. I tried to “educate” the masses, but only a few listen and learn.

  • merx May 3, 2017 - 5:55 pm Reply

    Interesting article with many facts however incomplete as all his-story is. Why do the education system and information outlets purposely omit info on the original inhabitants of the Americas. The megaliths and star forts scattered around the globe will paint a different picture of the true origin of people in diaspora. True history is fascinating the his-story we get now is a virus.

  • Donte May 3, 2017 - 6:40 pm Reply

    Great piece

  • Michael Hough October 25, 2017 - 9:22 am Reply

    Don’t believe the B’s that the Olmec a weren’t black just because a white man says it or believes it. The white man despised truths about themselves and that frame of mind continues onward today!!!! They are of African descent just like most whites that have African in their blood!!! Without us there isn’t any whites. We begat their race yet we’ve “allowed” them to exile us in “our” own land. Millions were taken from America and sent to Europe, only to be sent to Africa and dispersed!!! Learn real history, because there is a paper trail behind it!!! Plymouth Rock “did” land on us!!!!

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    You smoking Some powerful crack ! Also you need to take a writing class!

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    I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thanks again

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