What Happen In ‘School Daze’ To Make Laurence Fishburne Refuse To Work With Spike Lee Again

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The film School Daze was one the best movies of the 80’s era and many of the film’s actors’ careers skyrocketed into a whole ‘nother stratosphere after that the movie took off. That’s great for them, but there was one major player from that film who was NOT trying to be in anymore Spike Lee films and that player was actor Laurence Fishburne.

What most of us never knew was that he and Spike Lee figured out that they actually couldn’t stand working together during the filming of Spike Lee’s School Daze and here’s why according to Laurence Fishburne…

Fishburne broke down the problems and friction that he had while working with Lee during School Daze:

The actor rolls his eyes when asked about his experience with Lee.

“I`m very opinionated, I have a very big ego; Spike has a very big ego, too,“ he says. “I`ve been around for a long time, and I thought I knew more about what he was doing than he did. And, in some ways, I did.

“But it wasn`t so much that I knew more about what he did — I knew more about what `I` was doing, and I made the mistake of telling him that.

“So we probably won`t work together for another 10 years,“ Fishburne says. Chuckling, he adds, “If we work together at all.“

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