2 Cold Scorpio: The High Flying Wizard of Wrestling

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2 Cold Scorpio is a pioneer of the high flying style that became popular in 1990s wrestling in the U.S. Born Charles Bernard Scaggs on October 25, 1965, he pursued boxing and football as a youth. He decided to try wrestling after his friend and future World Heavyweight Champion and hall of famer Leon “Big Van Vader” White suggested it.

MID 1980s-EARLY 1990s

Scaggs made his debut in 1985 under the name 2 Cold Scorpio before heading to Japan and getting more training in the world famous New Japan Dojo. He wrestled for New Japan Pro-Wrestling during the early 1990s as Black Wazuma (“Black Wizard”). He also found work for the Catch Wrestling Association in Germany and the Universal Wrestling Association in Mexico.

It was his time in Mexico and New Japan—during its hot period for lighter wrestlers—that he began to take to the high-flying style. He added a number of high flying maneuvers to his arsenal and gained a reputation as an extremely athletic, agile wrestler with strong proficiency on the mat. It would be his skill in the sky that would gain him a number of opportunities in the United States.

While the bulk of his U.S. career would be spent on the independent circuit, there was a period between 1992-1999 where he wrestled in each of the American big three promotions. First, he spent two years in World Championship Wrestling, the 1990s competitor to the World Wrestling Federation. He debuted at Clash of the Champions XXI in November 1992 as the mystery partner of World Heavyweight Champion, Ron Simmons. His time would see him win the Tag Team Championship once. Two years WCW would bring in luchadors from AAA promotion in Mexico and with them the native high flying style.



Perhaps most important was 2 Cold Scorpio’s performance at this time. While his in-ring performance would be at its peak in the next two years for Extreme Championship Wrestling and later in the 2000s for Pro-Wrestling NOAH, his matches showcased unique high flying moves for the American audience.

While American crowds had just gotten used to seeing the moonsault (a backflip splash often from the top turnbuckle) thanks to Mando Guerrero and The Great Muta, he turned the dial up several notches with moves such his 450 Splash (a 450-degree spinning splash).

After his time in WCW was over, he wrestled for Extreme Championship Wrestling for two years where he had several classics, won the Television Title several times, and was given opportunities at the World Heavyweight Title.

Coming out to both “Whoomp (There It Is)” and “Jungle Boogie,” he was a fan favorite for his strong matches against equally talented competition such as Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero. 2 Cold Scorpio was also involved in major feuds and storylines in the company during this period.

These matches and others against constant World Champion Shane Douglas showcase more of Scorpio’s arsenal such as his Tumbleweed (a corkscrew somersault leg drop), the moonsault leg drop, and the Shooting Star Press. He was inducted into the “Hardcore Hall of Fame” in 2014.



His stint with the WWF in 1996 until 1999 would prove less eventful. He continued to showcase his skill he was best remembered for the gimmick of Flash Funk, one of many “athletic dancing Black guy” gimmicks. While he danced in WCW and ECW, the dancing wasn’t the gimmick itself. He would later end up as a member of the J.O.B Squad during the WWF’s Attitude Era.



2 Cold Scorpio’s last regular appearance in a stable promotion was with the Pro-Wrestling NOAH promotion. Formed after a mass exodus of wrestlers took over 90-percent of the roster from All Japan Pro Wrestling, NOAH was one of Japan’s hottest promotions. This period in Japanese wrestling saw a boom in MMA’s popularity and a dark period for several wrestling companies.

Prior to the exodus, he was with All Japan but opted to join his friend Vader in NOAH. He would stay with the company longer than his friend but won the GHC Tag Team Titles with him. He would also win the title a second time in his time touring with the company.

During this period he also wrestled on the independent circuit regularly. Later in the 2000s, he signed a contract to wrestle in the WWE’s developmental leagues. His role was as an in-ring veteran to help wrestlers get experience.

The promotion has since closed down and 2 Cold Scorpio continues to wrestle on the independent circuit.


-vs. Sabu (ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvU6zjh9ovM
-vs. Mike Awesome © (ECW World Title): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xyvafHHYNc
-with Marcus Bagwell vs. Harlem Heat (WCW Worldwide, March 1994): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLJPFx5yrwA

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