Assassination of Chris Hani: South African Communist Party Leader

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Chris Hani, (born Martin Thembisle) was the leader of the South African Communist Party. He also served as Chief of Staff of the armed wing of the African National Congress.

Hani was one of the most popular ANC leaders after Nelson Mandela. He joined the ANC youth league at the age of fifteen. As a member of the organization, Hani participated in numerous protests against the Bantu Education Act.
He studied modern and classical literature at the University of Fort Hare and later received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rhodes University.

Hani joined the right armed wing of the AMC, Umkhonto we Sizwe. Under the Suppression of Communism Act, He was arrested and had to go into exile in 1963. While in hiding, Hani changed his first name to Chris. His military training came from the Soviet Union and led to him serving in the Rhodesian Bush War and Zimbabwean War of Liberation.

Hani went on to organize guerrilla operations in South Africa. However, by 1982, he was the target of assassination attempts. While getting out of his car on April 10, 1993, Hani was assassinated by a Polish anti-communist immigrant, Janusz, Walus. Walus shot Hani and fled the scene but not before a white Afrikaner housewife and another person was able to identify him. Walus was caught and arrested for the murder.



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