Hilarious But True: The Daily Show”s Jessica Williams Explaining The Real Scandal Over The $10 Bill

0 Posted by - June 25, 2015 - ENTERTAINMENT, IN THE NEWS, LATEST POSTS

On Wednesday night’s “The Daily Show,” correspondent Jessica Williams and host Jon Stewart debuted a new segment: “Meet the Jess.” (Clever.) During the segment the two discussed the U.S. Treasury’s decision to bump Alexander Hamilton from the 10 dollar bill in favor of a yet to be determined woman. Williams is not impressed, to say the least.

“If by giant leap you mean awkward trip forward on jagged sidewalk that you pretend you did on purpose,” Williams responds to Stewart’s inquiry if this was a huge leap forward for womankind. Williams then deflated the hype over a woman on the $10 by bringing up some humorous points: it was time to update the $10 anyway, it’s a little too late, paper currency is nearly obsolete, and the woman will still have to share the $10 with Hamilton like a “chaperone,” Williams jokes.

She saved the most important point for last: equal pay.


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