Boxing Legend: Marian “Lady Tyger” Trimiar

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Marian Trimiar is one of the first women along with Jackie Tonawanda and Cat Davis, to gain a boxing license in New York in December 1975. She is considered the all-rounder of the three pioneers and like Davis, has some of her career record documented.


Known as the “Lady Tyger” she got her start in exhibition bouts but was unable to compete in professional matches in the state.  Historically, she was the first to apply for her license while Tonawanda was the first to get it. Other accounts state Cat Davis as getting her license first. The three were all present to receive their professional boxing licenses in the state.

By Trimiar’s account, she had 25 ranked bouts and a record of 21-4. Her official record stands at 14-2-0 with 5 knockouts across 12 years. Once she was able to fight professionally in New York, she went on to have a strong record including taking the World Lightweight title from Sue Carlson in 1979. Trimiar had a sour relationship with fellow pioneer Tonawanda and in a 1998 interview had some suspicions about aspects of her career.

In addition to being a champion in-ring, she was a champion out of it. Marian Trimiar pushed to improve the rights and conditions for female boxers. This included a 1987 hunger strike to draw attention to this cause. She would retire that same year although her last fight was TKO victory over Diane Clark in 1985.


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