Dr. Boyce Watkins: Black people must educate black children on black history

2 Posted by - January 3, 2024 - BLACK EDUCATION, LATEST POSTS

One of the reasons black people are not where we should be in terms of progress is because we’ve relied on other people to educate our children for far too long.   As a child, you were taught that your goal is to go to a public (or private school), typically one that is run by non-black people and to do your best to fit into that system.

This kind of culture  is unhealthy for at least two reasons:  First, the uncomfortable experience of black children within the education system often leads our kids to believe that this system was not built for them.  Therefore, they disassociate, disconnect and end up disenfranchised.

Secondly, even those who successfully adapt to these systems become ineffective and misdirected non-resources for the African American community.  Our brightest children, best athletes, etc are often recruited into predominantly white institutions and end up leaving their own communities.

The sad part is that many of us consider it “progress” for a black person to leave their own people and go give their very best efforts to somebody else.   I’m sorry, but this is not progress.  It’s called an exploitative brain-drain.

Keep this in mind as you raise your children.  First, remind them repeatedly that they should give their best to their people, not to somebody else.  Secondly, remind them that knowledge and education don’t typically come from a system, but from critical and accurate information provided to you by those you love.   Third, teach your children how to run their own businesses so they are not forced to bow to a white supremacist system to simply be able to buy something to eat.

You must prepare your kids for a world that is built upon economic warfare.  We can only win this war if we stand together.

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