Dr. George Sanford Burruss: Established the Burruss Sanitarium in 1901

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Dr. George Sanford Burruss established the Burruss Sanitarium in 1901. The hospital was for blacks in the South and was complete with twenty-seven rooms, modern equipment, and a staff of twelve black physicians and a proper training department for nurses.

Burruss was born in Lavonia, Georgia, in Franklin County, in 1865. His early education was received near Atlanta, Georgia. After completing his early education, he entered Atlanta University, but subsequently attended Atlanta Baptist Seminary from which he graduated in 1886.

In 1891, Burruss graduated from Meharry Medical College, at Nashville, and moved to Augusta to enter upon the practice of his profession. He was not only a doctor in medicine but graduated with a degree in pharmacy as well. He took time away from his work to attend Harvard University where he paid special attention to Abdominal Surgery, Obstetrics, X-ray Work, Pathology and General Practice.

The Burruss Sanitarium which opened in 1901 was known to be one of the best to treat women suffering from abdominal problems and diseases of the colon and rectum.




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From the April 1919 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Volume 72: George S Burruss of Augusta, Georgia, Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN (1891)


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