Dr. Jane C Wright, A Pioneer In Cancer Research and Founder Of American Society of Clinical Oncology

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Dr. Jane C Wright was born November 30th, 1919 in Manhattan, New York.  She was the daughter of Louis and Corrine Wright. She was not the only physician in her family, many others in her family in fact were physicians. This included her father who was a noted physician. Dr. Louis Wright was one of the first group of blacks to graduate from Harvard Medical, as well as a graduate from Meharry Medical Colleges. He was also the first black on-staff doctor at a New York City hospital.

Dr. Wright had a prestigious educational and professional record. In 1945, she received her medical degree from New York Medical College.  After graduating she worked as a school physician for New York City Public Schools. She went on to founding the American Society of Clinical Oncology. In 1967, she became associate dean of New York Medical College. She was also head of the chemotherapy department of the same school.

Dr. Jane C. Wright often worked with her father on trying to develop cancer treatments. Her father founded the Harlem Hospital Cancer Research Foundation. Over time, she was able to discover and develop cancer cell fighting chemicals. She also worked with others including her father to see what effects these chemicals had. The chemicals were first tested on mice, then subsequently human patients.  These chemicals were found to effectively cause some types of cancer including leukemia to go into remission.

In 1952, her father passed away and she took over his position as head of his cancer research foundation. Twelve years later her cancer treatment therapies advanced.  Based on her research she was able to develop a non-surgical cancer treatment. This treatment involved placing anti-cancer chemicals within the body via a catheter. This allowed these chemicals to more easily reach places such as the kidneys and spleen if they had cancerous tissues.

She passed away in 2013 at the age of 93 years old.

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