Isabell Masters: Recognized for Most Presidential Campaigns of Any Woman (Looking Back Party)

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Isabell Masters was an educator and politician from Topeka, Kansas. She is noted for having the most presidential campaigns of any woman at five representing the Looking Back Party as a third party candidate. She also attempted runs for the Republican party nominee.



Born Isabell Arch on January 9, 1913 in Oklahoma City, she would graduate from Douglas High School before attending school at Langston University. During her studies at Langston, she met Alfred Masters, the first Black man to enlist with U.S. Marines during World War II.

Isabell Masters graduated from Langston University with a bachelor’s in education. After divorcing from Alfred Masters, she would teach in New York, Kansas, Nevada, and California. It was while in California that she earned a master’s in high education from UCLA. In the early 1980s, she earned her doctorate in education from the University of Oklahoma.



Isabell Masters constantly ran for President often as a Republican starting 1984. In 1992, her running partner was son Walter Ray Masters and in 1996 she ran with her daughter Shirley Jean Masters. During the 2000 election, she ran with her other daughter Alfreda Dean Masters. Master’s last presidential run was in 2004. Between those runs she also campaigned locally for Topeka’s city council and for mayor in West Palm Beach.

Masters passed September 11, 2011 in Lake Worth, Florida at 98-years old. At the time she lived with her son Rev. Thomas Masters, Sr., the five-time mayor of Riviera Beach, Florida.


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