Katherine ‘Kittie’ Knox: Seamstress, Dressmaker, and Accomplished Cyclist

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Katherine ‘Kittie’ Knox earned a living as a seamstress and dressmaker. Her first love was cycling which she excelled at doing, later becoming one of the most accomplished cyclists of her time. Since mostly men were seen riding bicycles at that time, Knox drew a lot of attention as a woman cyclist and also as of mixed race.

She completed numerous 100-mile rides and always placing among the top twenty out of fifty. Knox was a member of Boston’s, Riverside Cycle Club, which was the only black cycling group at the time. She later joined the Boston’s National League of American Wheelman in 1893. By 1894, she found herself at the center of a fight, whether or not blacks should be allowed membership in the league.

On the day of the national meet in Asbury Park, N.J., Knox showed up to show out on her bike. She arrived performing fancy moves that drew attention. The incident caused an uproar and when Knox went to register for the meet her credentials were rejected.

Knox died in 1900 at the age of 26. In 2013, her descendants were located and Knox was honored.




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