Lucy Harth Smith: Pioneer Activist and Educator

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Lucy Harth Smith  was born in Virginia in 1888. She was known for promoting the study of black history in nation’s schools. She served thirty years on the executive council of the National Association for the study of Negro Life and History.

Smith attended Hampton Institute and Kentucky State College, where she earned an MA degree from the University of Cincinnati. She was the principal of Booker T. Washington School in Lexington (1935-1955). She also founded a health camp for black children, and served on the Governor’s Committee on Youth and Children and the executive board of the Kentucky Interracial Council.

She was also a speaker who lectured about civic, racial, and social improvements. She also served as the president of the Kentucky Negro Education Association, a powerful group that lobbied for educational improvements. Among her many accomplishments, Smith helped raise funds to establish The Colored Health Camp. This camp was free to parents of undernourished and frail children for two weeks with the goal of improving the children’s health.





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