Madeline “Sahiji” Jackson: Famous Burlesque Dancer Turned Singer [Video]

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Exotic dancer Madeline “Sahji” Jackson was called the sexiest dancer during her time. She performed at the famous Cotton Club in New York from 1933 to 1939.

It is believed that Jackson was a cousin of Margaret Webb. She appeared on the September 1955 cover of Jet Magazine. Her dance was often described as poetry in motion, with a story being told with her every move. Jackson made her own costumes which were often described as leaving very little to the imagination.

Her popularity grew within the black community. Jackson’s  performances were often seen at premier nightclubs and cabaret over the U.S. Jackson was the classiest of all exotic dancers. Her dancing was a mix of sexiness, sensuality, athletics, and acrobatics.

Jackson was married to Leroy Harris Jr., a saxophone player with Earl Hines Band. She later gave up Burlesque to become a singer in South American. She eventually relocated to Canada and formed the Madeline Jackson Duo with George Taylor around 1952.



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