The Original Man: Black Men Will Avoid Being Made Obsolete by White Supremacy (Part 3)


By Bashir Muhammad Ptah Akinyele

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The Lessons

Not to get off topic, but I know some of y’all are saying to yourselves, what are these strange “lessons.”

The origin of the lesson goes back to the early 20th century. New revolutions took place in the Islamic community. It created a Black liberation educational curriculum directed at the African community in America to put the Blackman on top of the world. First In Newark, Noble Drew Ali started the Moorish Science Temple in 1913. Then In 1930, Master Fard Muhammad (founder of the Nation of Islam) and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Co-founder of the Nation of Islam) came into existence teaching the knowledge of self in Detriot, Michigan. Their movements impacted Black neighborhoods from all over the US and the world, from the 20th century to the present.

Then, Father Allah (Founder of the Nation of Gods and Earths better known as the 5% Percenters) brought a deeper philosophical understanding of Master Fard Muhammad’s and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s version of the knowledge of self to Black people.

He started his mission in 1964. Using the 120 lessons, and its tradition of showing and proving (reference information with evidence) in history, Father Allah woke up the masses of Black people to the greatness of the knowledge self, particularly Black youth. Black people began to receive the 120 lessons from the Nation of Gods and Earths in the streets without a building. Father Allah did this without the permission of a community leader, a minister, an Imam, a priest, or a priestess. At one time, he was a former member and soldier in the Nation of Islam’s Muhammad Mosque #7 in Harlem in New York, City. The 120 lessons of the Nation of Gods and Earths he developed are called the Book of Life. It consists of 8 components. The 120 Lessons are the following:

The Supreme Alphabet, The Supreme Mathematics, Student Enrollment (1-10), English Lesson #C-1 (Verses 1-36), The Lost-Found Muslim Lesson #1 (Verses 1-14), The Lost-Found Muslim Lesson #2 (Verses 1-40), Actual Facts, and The Solar facts.
All the Gods and Earths study and follow the 120. They also inspire many other Black people to get the knowledge of the 120 Lessons to liberate our minds and bodies from the domination of white people. In The Student Enrollment (1-10), the Lesson of the 120 NGE asks us in the first degree, “Who is the Orginal man?” The answer is the following, “The Original Man is the Asiatic Blackman, the Maker, the Owner, the Cream of the planet earth, Father of Civilization, and God of the Universe.”
The Religious and Historical Origin of the term Asiatic Blackman:

Some of you are asking the following question: How does this phrase Asiatic Blackman relate to African people? Good question! This phrase has its roots in the “race origins” of Black people in one source called The Bible. The term was initially borrowed from the Book of Genesis. It is used for the descendants of Ham-son of Noah. It summarizes that Black people are the descendants of Ham. This Hamitic (i.e., the “Asiatic” origin of North African peoples) Asiatic hypothesis race theory holds that the ancient Kemites (Egyptians), and Nile Valley peoples, were the lineal descendants of the biblical Ham, through his son Mizraim.
Another “race theory” in the world during the early 20th Century was that Asia (i.e., Tigris–Euphrates river valley, the Middle East, Indus river, India, China, etc) was the birthplace of humanity. You can read an old book discussing the possibility of the origins of humanity by a European explorer of Africa and journalist named Henry M. Stanley. He wrote a book called -The Origin of the Negro Race. His book was published in 1900. In the book, he wrote about how various anthropologists argued that Asia is the origin of Africa and humanity.
From the outset of the book, Stanley argues without any proof that the world’s humanity started in Asia. But what’s interesting is that he believes that these early Asiatics were Black in physical characteristics. Unfortunately, white supremacy in the book tears ugly head by stating the origin of the Asiatics were Aryans ( a fictitious superior race of white people that existed before all people on the planet ). On pages 656-657, he writes, “before stating my theory as to the origin of the negro race, I should like to lead the reader in a general way from that period just preceding the legendary and historic period down to the present condition of negro types found in Africa.
At the outset, I frankly confess my agreement with those savants who give an Asiatic origin to man, because, first of all, the very earliest records, monumental or written, prove the influence of Asia on Africa, while there seems to be nothing to exhibit African influence on Asia. On the sculptures of Egyptian monuments, on the face of the Sphynx, in the features of the most ancient mummies, and in those of Egyptian wooden and stone statues, I see the Afro-Asiatic type as clearly as I see it in the faces of the fellaheen and nobles of the present day. Down to the fifth century before Christ, Egypt was commonly believed to belong to Asia.
However, since that period, she has been admitted to belonging to Africa – because of her river and the land formed by it, moderns, as well as the ancients, have persisted in acting on the supposition that she is Asiatic. Before the later Asiatics crowded into Egypt, there was, no doubt, an earlier race which we distinguish by the term African, because we find comparatively little of that type in other continents.
However, one thing is clear. Whatever proportion of that race sought refuge in the interior of Africa, enough individuals were left to make an indelible impression on the newcomers and form a separate race. They could have done so on account of its peculiar character came to be known as Egyptian. From the time when this new race founded the kingdom, formulated its severe religion, and distinguished itself by its aloofness from other peoples, there appears to have been a perpetual struggle – as to whether Asiatic or African blood should predominate. Ancient writers were as much puzzled as moderns are as to what continent the old Egyptian race was originally derived from.

Leaving the primitive African out for the present, let me say that we must go back to pre-Aryan times to find the ancestry of those early Asiatics who, entering Egypt, originated the peculiar Egyptian race. These people are commonly called Turanians, and they have been variously described as “dusky, dark, black, black-skinned, and their hair varying from coarse, straight, black hair,” to “curly,” “crinkly” and “woolly.” The center of this race appears to have been in the neighborhood of Accad, where, it has been found, a King Sargon reigned about 3800, B. C. Sixteen hundred miles to the northeast there was developed in process of time a different race altogether, of light complexion, with blue or gray eyes, and “blood brown” and light hair. It was called “Arya,” which means the noble or ruling race.

Finding its habitat near the Hindoo Koosh too limited, it spread itself westward over the Iranic plateau, and across the Tigris into the Euphrates Valley.”
*Bashir Muhammad Ptah Akinyele is a history and African studies teacher at Weequahic High School in Newark, New Jersey. He is also the co-coordinator for ASCAC’s (the Association for Study of Classical African Civilizations) Study Group Chapter in Newark (


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