Zeke Miller: Deputy Sheriff Who Never Had to Shoot a Man to Make an Arrest

3 Posted by - May 7, 2023 - BLACK MEN

Zeke Miller was an African American who worked as a deputy U.S. marshal in the Central District of Indian Territory from 1894 to 1907. Miller was known to hunt down numerous of outlaws, and although he carried a gun, he never had to shoot a man to arrest him. What is even more rare, Miller was never injured during his line of work.

Miller was originally from Ohio, where he first worked as a mine inspector. He migrated to Indian Territory in hope of a better life. It was often said that Miller’s black stallion helped him on several occasions; the horse was said to have saved him from injury and possibly death at times. The horse would warn his owner when danger was ahead.

Miller also worked hard to help reform young outlaws. Miller would often send reading material and letters to outlaws who had been arrested. He wanted the outlaws to better themselves and learn how to read and write. After 1907, Miller decided to change professions and went to work in the timber industry. Miller died from Bright’s disease in 1909.




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