Piankhi: Founder of the 25th Dynasty and Conqueror of Egypt

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Piankhi was an ancient Kushite king and founder of the 25th dynasty of Egypt who ruled from 747 B.C. to 722 B.C. He ruled from the city of Napata, located deep in Nubia, modern-day Sudan.

King Piankhi was outraged and frustrated by what he often witnessed: ships loaded with casks of gold, scores of slaves, and bands of fighting men, floating down the Nile headed to Osorkin III, who was the king at that time of Egypt. It was during this time that Piankhi decided he would wage war on the Egyptians and put an end to the ceaseless greed of the country. So, the king planned, plotted, and built his army.

He waited for the perfect time to strike. His skilled, disciplined soldiers first arrived at the large Egyptian fortress of Hermopolis and laid siege to it. Piankhi defeated Namlot, the Egyptian commander; Namlot begged for mercy, describing himself as one of the king’s mere slaves.

The warriors captured one city after another. They soon arrived at the notorious city Memphis, which was the capital of Egypt at this time. Memphis was also surrounded by a high wall, the western wall, which was notably higher than the eastern wall. As word had spread about Piankhi, Memphis thought they were prepared for the attack, but Piankhi ambushed the city unexpectedly. The Nubian king had strategically deployed his fleet. He soon had control of the harbor and the eastern seawall, which had been neglected by Memphis.

By the time Memphis discovered that they had forgotten to attend to the seawall, Piankhi and his men had already taken control of the city. The commander of MNemphis, Tefnakhte, ultimately surrendered. With Memphis conquered, Piankhi continued his march to Heliopolis, where he found King Osorkon waiting. However, by this time, the king had no desire to put up a fight. He gave up without resistance and Piankhi became the master of Egypt. The next time the Nile was filled with gold and other treasures, they were bound for the vaults of Egypt’s new master, the mighty conqueror Piankhi.




  • Ray Kemet November 20, 2019 - 6:00 pm

    Good work!!!!! However, let’s not fall for that BS issue by National Geographic in 2008 about the ‘Black Pharaohs”. Most of the ancient Kemetians were black with semitic peoples living among them. However, Nubia and Kemet didn’t see eye to eye, which in turn lead to the Kemetians plundering Nubia’s gold, and later the Nubians conquered and ruled Kemet. It also must be said that the Nubians conquered Kemet because they believed the culture of Kemet was being to tainted by outside influence, and they also believed they were the original people of Kemet. Giving that the culture of ancient Kemet was actually a Nubian creation in the very beginning, it made since that the Nubians believed what they believed. Yera.

  • Awona Tsogo Bindzi Doumou November 22, 2019 - 8:29 am

    Good story

  • Awona Tsogo Bindzi Doumou November 22, 2019 - 8:32 am

    Piankhi, Namlot, Osorkon, Napata, all nice african former’s name