Boxing Ring Legend: Gerald McClellan

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Born October 23, 1967, in Freeport, Illinois, Gerald McClellan was a skilled boxer in the middleweight and super middleweight ranks. Known as “The G-Man,” he was known for his incredible punching power which has taken him to two World Middleweight titles and eventually the Hall of Fame in 2007.


The Winning Streak

Gerald McClellan began his career with a bang in August 1988. His first match and the following nine would be won by first or second round knockouts. He suffered back-to-back losses in June and September 1989. This ignited a destructive 20-win streak from December 1989 until May 1994.

Along the way, he would defeat John Mugabi for the vacant WBO Middleweight title in November 1991 via a first round knockout. McClellan ran into WBC Middleweight Champion, Julian “The Hawk” Jackson in May 1993.

Like McClellan, at the time Jackson is also known for his knockout power as well as superior ring generalship. That night, the “G-Man” halted “The Hawk” in five rounds via knockout. McClellan would successfully defend the belt three times. His final victory would be a rematch and title defense against former champion Julian Jackson. The bout ended with a first-round knockout.

While already a two-time World Champion, Gerald McClellan was still very young at 28 and viewed as a major star in boxing. Dream matches were swirling about and the British boxing scene had a trio of main eventers who would’ve been proven stars in the U.S. scene.

The result would be a U.S vs. UK mega-clash between two KO artists on British soil. Gerald McClellan from Illinois and London’s Nigel Benn: “The Dark Destroyer.”

-Gerald McClellan: A Fallen Warrior:

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