Petition Started to Rename the Edmond Pettus Bridge in Honor of Late Congressman John Lewis

0 Posted by - December 9, 2021 - IN THE NEWS

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: The Police Department of Jackson, MS

On the infamous “Bloody Sunday” in 1965, a brave young black man (pictured) marched for voting rights across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.

The man (a former young comrade of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) rose to become a lightning rod figure — a warrior in the “good trouble” fight for civil rights and the betterment of African Americans. He could have easily lost his life on that horrific day of race-based persecution and bedlam.

Nonetheless, the historically significant Alabama bridge he marched across almost 60 years ago is still named after Pettus — a known KKK member, Confederate Soldier, and a corrupt U.S. Senator.

However, the Democrat-leaning BOLD Political Action Committee believes the historic landmark should be named after that young duty-driven black man who was bloodied and brutalized by police on that fateful 1965 day. Ultimately, he eventually grew older, wiser, and more prominent.

But now he is a late national hero who died in July 2020 on the right side of history. This man was former U.S. Representative John R. Lewis ( D – Georgia).

“Now more than ever we must take a stand to preserve John Lewis’ legacy. SO: we’re putting together a MASSIVE Digital Petition to demand that the bridge be renamed ASAP,” reads a Facebook advertisement currently being circulated by

“If you don’t sign, we’ll fall short of our 50,000 signature goal and this bridge will continue memorializing a member of the KKK,” the ad also reads.

If you are interested in helping BOLD PAC achieve its goal and also agree that the Edmund Pettus Bridge should be renamed in the honor of the late Rep. John Lewis, e-sign here.

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