Schooled by Youtube: Heads of Hate #4: James Madison

0 Posted by - May 22, 2024 - Video

In a video posted on The Black History School, we learn more about The same man who wrote the first drafts of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights was also a slave owner.  He believed that slaves were both human and property; he referred to slaves as being members of  an “unfortunate race” in the Constitution.  Coined as the Father of the Constitution, he is still celebrated as an American hero. Madison is memorialized with a $75 million dollar building, a university, and numerous statues that honor him.



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  • YellowRoseOvTx August 4, 2017 - 1:25 am

    I'm going to buy Paul Jennings memoir and read it though I just might cringe in disgust at his severe Stockholm syndrome. If I ever had the opportunity to financially give out of my own pocket to a lost demonic soul who, not only OWED ME FOR LABOUR, but could ever think to "own me" as a human being, not only would I gladly watch them suffer in need but I'm almost positive, that if I could get away with it, I'd send them straight to hell.

  • Erick Tippett August 4, 2017 - 1:25 am

    The last several hundred years of world history (not just american!) has found the black
    in a position of weakness and disrespect. I look forward to your coverage of the French
    Revolution which saw thirty percent of the French National Assembly become black and
    the president of the French Senate black as well with the installation of numerous high
    ranking black officers and generals (one of whom was the father of the novelist who
    wrote the Count of Monte Cristo, The Man in the Iron Mask, and the Three Musketeers!)
    in the French military all retired by Napoleon Bonaparte who not only re-instituted the
    'black codes' in France, but attempted to re-take Haiti and return it to colony status! Is
    today any different? The day of the election of Mr. Obama saw headlines in the New
    York Times claiming a well known militant Islamic group acknowledged his election as
    america's first "House Negro President" of the United States! Newsweek mag presented his picture on a feature edition as america's first "Gay President" (no mention of Franklin
    Pierce or James Buchanan covered by both New York Post and Chicago Tribune articles!)
    And yes, even here on you-tube one can see the scathing remark of the president of the
    Philippines describing Barack Obama as the "SON OF A WHORE" who can do nothing to
    stop the murder of blacks by our police here! As well here on you-tube a videoed play
    back of this president of the 'United States' not only not receiving the red carpet treatment
    as he exited the presidential plane in China, but having to exit from the back of the plane while his presidential aide was insulted when she questioned the unusual procedure.
    Again on you-tube can be seen and heard the complaints of Afro/Iraqis who claim that
    cab drivers ignore them and call them 'boy' and 'slave' and how they have been without
    recognition or respect in the middle-east after all these years now coming out of their
    closets! This world has been in the grip of a racial pecking order for over five hundred
    years of human history, it is not merely a problem of the 'United States' of America!

    I look forward to more of this series and hope it includes the private remarks of american
    presidents such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt (who ignored Jesse Owens after Owens
    had received a congratulatory telegram from of all people ADOLPH HITLER!) and Mr.
    Dwight David Eisenhower (quoted by former Chief Justice of the Supreme Earl Warren
    in his only published biography the excerpts of which became part of an ongoing series
    of articles in the New York Times on "Private Remarks of American Presidents"!) as well
    as Mr. 'Honest ' Abe Lincoln, and Napoleon Bonaparte's personal correspondence to his
    chief diplomatic aide Tallyrand explaining why he intended to "destroy the authority of the
    blacks in Saint Domingue!"

    Thank you for the 'untaught' history exposure and revelation. I've been a student of it for
    years since my days as a work study assistant to the Dean of Students and in the library
    at Roosevelt University in Chicago during the 'protest' 60's!

    Erick Dean Tippett
    Retired Musician/Teacher
    Chicago, Illinois