Sybil Haber: Influential Midwife and Businesswoman of Lakeview, Oregon

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Sybil Haber was a well-known midwife and businesswoman throughout Lakeview, Oregon. Haber was well-liked and respected in her community.

During the first part of Haber’s work career, she did general housework for families and cooked on ranches. She later owned a bakery but after a fire that destroyed the business in 1900, she changed to operating a boarding house.

By the early 1910s, Haber had opened a nursery which she operated until 1915. Her nursery was not only for pregnant women but also for sick people. She performed surgery in her home and no one ever had a bad thing to say about her work.

Sybil Haber died of uterine cancer at the age of 67 in 1918. She had one son influential Lakeview resident, Bret Haber. He was described as a man who would not give an answer to a question he did not know. Most of Lakeview’s residents felt that because of this every question he did answer was truthful.




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