Today In Black History On January 24th

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  1. Arturo Alfonso Schomburg was born (January 24, 1874), a successful leader in the Harlem Renaissance. Although he dabbled in many things like writing and activism, he is most known for being a collector and founder of the Negro Society for Historical Research. Of Black and Puerto Rican descent, he has lead movements on both fronts successfully with Las Dos Antillas and the American Negro Academy. A true collector at heart, his desire for materials from Africa and Diaspora at one point reached 10,000 documents. The collection was so big that it was later shown off as a public display, with Arturo serving as the curator.
  2. Martin Delaney passed (January 24, 1885) in Xenia, Ohio. Known as an abolitionist, it was actually one of many hats he wore in his campaign for equal rights. One of the first African American graduates of Harvard Medical School, he was not only a successful physician, but a great writer as well. He used his influence within the community to create several abolitionist publications, and even led the Vigilance Committee. Of his notable accomplishments, he had a helping hand in creating the Young Men’s Literary and Moral Reform Society, and is the founder of the first African American newspaper published west of the Allegheny Mountains, know as “The Mystery.” Great with both words and his physical bravery, Delaney fought in both the Civil War and in an integrated militia to defend against white mob attacks.
  3. Aaron Neville was born (January 24, 1949), who is known as having one of the most unique and unmistakable voices in the business. His singing abilities are so admired that he boasts over 13 solo albums, not counting the work he has done with the Neville Brothers. As the recipient of numerous Grammys, Neville will always be remembered as a successful, talented artist with both his solo projects and his group work.


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