Black Pirates: The Doomed Career of Henrick Quintor

1 Posted by - September 7, 2021 - Black History, BLACK MEN

Hendrick Quintor was a free Black Dutch sailor turned pirate known who served under the captains Lawrence Prince and Samuel Bellamy between 1716-1717. He was known to be fierce during raids and boardings while serving on the Mary Anne as a chief officer.


He joined the Whydah in 1716. The captain of the vessel—Lawrence Prince—had served under the famous Captain Henry Morgan and was aiming to make a name for himself. At the same time, a pirate named “Black Sam” Samuel Bellamy had started to make a name for himself. A polite captain Bellamy was known as “The Prince of Pirates.” These two would be on a collision course in the Windward Passage a year later.

Prior to that, the Whydah did slave ship duties along the coast of West Africa. During early 1717, the Whydah was in the Caribbean when it ran upon Bellamy’s 26-gunner the Sultana and its backup the Mary Anne. With some hairy cannon fire from Bellamy and crew, Prince surrendered his ship. True to his reputation, Bellamy traded the Sultana and some gold for the Whydah.


Several of Prince’s crew including Hendrick Quintor joined Bellamy. The crew would continue a terror streak moving on to New England. By the end of its run, the Whydah’s crew had taken over 50 ships. April 26, 1717, was an ominous night as thick fog and a massive storm made travel perilous. As expected the Whydah ran onto a sandbar around Cape Cod and was damaged. As a result, the bulk of the crew died in the cold waters. The Mary Anne also crashed not too far away.

The Whydah had two survivors who sailed away while the Mary Anne had seven, one of which was Hendrick Quintor. His luck ran out as his reputation as one of Bellamy’s more dangerous high ranking crew members saw him sent to the gallows in Boston at 25.




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