Powerful Interview With Louis Farrakhan and Mike Wallace on American Moral Condemnation

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In the video above, Minister Louis Farrakhan gives a powerful and poignant answer to Mike Wallace in a 1996 60 minutes interview, responding to his condemnation of corruption in Nigeria.

“You go to Nigeria, which is, if not the most corrupt nation in Africa, and it is, it could be the most corrupt nation in the world, Minister Farrakhan.”

In the clip, Farrakhan speaks of the hypocrisy of Wallace and many white Americans regarding their perception of African countries. He argues that a country who did not allow its citizens civil rights for hundreds of years, decimated entire populations of people, and has endless corruption has no moral ground to stand upon to hand down such a moral judgement. Wallace then asks what country is more corrupt than Nigeria, to which Farrakhan calmly answers, “Yeah, I’m living in one…you have done a hell of a thing on this earth, so you should not be the one to talk. You should be quiet when it comes to moral condemnation.”


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  • Piccola Etchison July 23, 2017 - 6:00 pm Reply

    As we might have said then, “Right on!” What Farrakhan said then is as true today as it was then.

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