Schooled by Youtube: Heads of Hate #13: Millard Fillmore

0 Posted by - November 14, 2020 - Knowledge Notes, Video

In a video posted on The Black History School, we learn more about “God knows I detest slavery, but it is an existing evil, for which we are not responsible, and we must endure it and give it such protection as is guaranteed by the constitution, till we get rid of it without destroying the last hope of free government in the world,” said President Millard Fillmore.

Fillmore was not a slave owner, but he believed slavery was legally allowable because it was in the U.S. Constitution. He tried to appease everyone with The Compromise of 1850. The Compromise ranged from acknowledging California as a free state to the implementation of the Fugitive Slave Law. The law allowed escaped slaves to be hunted down in free states. Some even called the law the Bloodhound law.



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