Super Man Monday: 10 Amazing Things About America’s First Elected Black Mayor

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  1. Pierre “Caliste” Landry was born on the plantation of Dr. F. Prevost on April 19, 1841.  Prior to 1866, Pierre Caliste Landry, was known simply as “Caliste”.
  2. He was reared by two free people of color, Pierre Bouissiac and his wife Zaides where he was allowed to attend school for the free children of color.
  3. In May of 1854, at the age of thirteen, he was sold at auction for $1,665.00 to the highest bidder.

    Pierre C. Landry’s Home Donaldsonville, Louisiana c. 2014 River Road African American Museum

  4. He relocated to Donaldsonville, LA. with his family at the end of the Civil War. At that time, Donaldsonville had the state’s third-largest African-American community.
  5. Landry was married twice and fathered fourteen children that were all college educated.
  6. Pierre C. Landry owned a small store and was reported to be the first freed man to build, and own his home in Donaldsonville.
  7. In 1868, he was elected mayor of Donaldsonville, becoming the first African-American mayor.
  8. Landry is credited with introducing a legislative bills that established New Orleans University.  Landry was a founding member of the Board of Trustees for New Orleans University.  New Orleans University became Dillard University.
  9. Landry was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 1872 and was elected to the Louisiana State Senate in 1874, where he served until 1880.
  10. Currently, his home and church remain a part of the historic district of Donaldsonville, LA.


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