Black Then Mysteries: Charles Southern Jr.

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Born July 25, 1948, Charles Southern Jr. worked in Chicago as a junior college’s assistant chairman of the English department. Because of his important position and the closeness of his family, when he failed to contact them at the end of 1987, alarms were raised.

Cult Ties

For decades, the belief is that his ties with a national cult had a major part to do with his disappearance. Southern joined Conscious Development of Body, Mind, and Soul, a group then led by Terri Hoffman. The organization’s goal was to combat what they called “black lords.” According to Hoffman, these “black lords” were beings that served Satan and existed in multiple “planes of existence.”

The group had a Chicago chapter where Southern was not only a member but a major member. As a part of Conscious Development of Body, Mind, and Soul he would teach courses. The impression he made in Chicago led to him going to the Dallas to meet Hoffman.

Something happened here that resulted in a fallout between Southern and Hoffman. The group’s leader was surrounding herself loyal, influential members because of a belief that “black lords” were targeting her. She felt that they kept her protected via a “psychic shield.”

This paranoia rubs off on those close members who believe they are under attack from these beings as well. Most in this inner circle fell into emotional distress and a number would end up missing or dead. Several of these deaths were said to be suicides.

As for Professor Charles Southern Jr., his visit with Terri Hoffman led to a personal downturn of sorts. Prior to his disappearance, his family found him in the street murmuring to himself. His sister would rush him to the hospital believing he could be suicidal. His mother paid him daily visits as he recovered but so did Conscious Development of Body, Mind, and Soul members.

After fully recovering, he returned to his college post and working with the group.


December 1987 Disappearance

Prior to his disappearance, it was known that Charles Southern Jr. planned a trip to India during the Christmas break. His mother had strong concerns about his leaving and after two weeks, the family would search his home. What they would find raised the alarm. Paralytic medication, death ritual symbolism, and two notes said to be written by Southern.

These two notes would point to a long-suspected conspiracy involving murder, unexplained disappearances, and a cult leader in Terri Hoffman.


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